30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Ten

I’m going to skip the link to Channillo tonight. You can view any of my previous posts from the challenge for a link (please, do)… I’m just worn down today. And because of that, I’m aiming to keep this short and sweet

The best trip of my life? My 40th, the husband and I went to St Louis.

Two days, just he and I, driving the two-mile radius we ventured fro our hotel, finding local restaurants for lunch, enjoying cocktails together. It was beautiful.

And then we came home.

I’m sorry, it was a rough day for me. I’ll try to expand upon this tomorrow.
Edit dated 12 November, 2015: 

First, we stayed at The Cheshire, an exquisite boutique hotel in Forest Park. We splurged on a suite, although not one of the Specialty Suites. 

All of the rooms are named after either authors, or their books. We stayed in the Byron Suite. 

If you are in the area, it’s a stay I highly recommend. I’ve a few pictures in my Facebook that I shall attempt to share here. 😉

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