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I slept in until almost 10:30 this morning. It was luxurious. Since my little health scare last Monday, I’ve put myself on a rather…regimented schedule. I get up at 7 am every day now, go to bed at 10 pm each night.

Oh, that’s right – I didn’t tell you about my health scare. I fight to keep personal stuff off here, but let us be honest with each other. I am a writer, and just about every aspect of my life affects my writing. So here it is – I am obese. My own fault, absolutely. Not genetics, not any mysterious illnesses. I lazed and ate my way to 311 pounds. And then I was diagnosed with diabetes. Shocker, I know. Well, like most Type II diabetics, I was initially placed on Metformin. And it does NOT agree with my body. So, I would stop taking it. Then I was without insurance for a while… And even though I lost 30 pounds several years ago, I recently found myself back up to 298.

So there I was last Monday, meeting my new doctor. They did a quick little finger prick blood sugar test and apparently (I didn’t see the results) their machine said my sugar was at 908. Now, I told the doctor I didn’t think that was right. I felt fine. And I don’t mean “I’m used to feeling this way” fine, but like LEGITIMATE “I’m good” fine. But he sent me immediately to the ER. So 30 minutes later, the hospital is testing me and the reading is 314. They then did a better test and it was actually 324.

Exactly. Still unbelievably high but absolutely not “you’re going to slip into a coma and die at any minute” high, which is basically what the doctor told me. Either way, I’m staring down the barrel of 40 and I have plans to move to some form of tropical island in ten years so I kind of need to be alive – and legitimately healthy – to do that.

I am now taking Januvia with NONE of those adverse side affects of Metformin (look it up. There’s one in particular that made working impossible. Remember Olestra??). I am monitoring my sugar 7 times a day – wake up and then before/after every meal. It’s not where it needs to be yet, BUT it’s been under 300 the last few days AND even under 200 upon occasion. I am also monitoring every bit of food I eat with MyFitnessPal and we are officially back in the gym. Starting out, it’s cardio 3 times a week to acclimate ourselves to it again. I’m adding strength training in July because I must.

So, there you have it. I am a real person. I make mistakes, and I have health issues. And occasionally, you’ll hear from the me that makes the writing possible. Demons, warts, and all.

Also, as your reward for reading this, I’m totally going to upload a cut scene from my short story. Which still has no title.