Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Computers

Ugh. I had to buy a new desktop the other day. Since I do almost all of my writing on my delicious little Lenovo laptop – no, all of the actual writing, to be honest – anyway, the desktop is for research, iTunes, photos, school work, etc… You know, basic shit that doesn’t require a lot. So, I bought some cheapo Acer Aspire tower for $250 from Walmart.

Moved everything I wanted to save to OneDrive… and it’s all updating. I might not be patient enough for this. At least I’m getting rid of all the crap, though 🙂

So, the second week of school is going strong. So far, I’m on schedule, if not sleeping much. I’ll get better at this but Wednesday’s likely won’t be my weekly update – I have work, gym, and school… looooong day!

I’ve decided Saturday is devoted almost exclusively to writing – I’m hoping for 3500 words, which is possible. With no distractions, and good notes throughout the week.

I’m working on Chapter One right now – and plan on having it done by Sunday evening to keep up with Bryn Donovan’s writing schedule. So far, I have two paragraphs. But, 3500 words is far more than I need for a chapter, so I’m good…

Yesterday, I introduced my version of Gaston on a friend’s blog for Work-in-Progress Wednesday. That, of course, isn’t all of the scene, but it’s what I shared.

So. That’s where we are. What are you doing with your writing right now?