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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Twenty-Four

Oh, I don’t know what happened. It’s day 24, and I’m slightly ahead of the curve… and I lost ALL will to write. *sigh*

It isn’t even that I got my new book today, which I cannot wait to read. Book Club 09 December so I’m gonna start it 01 December. I’m way behind, clearly as there are already 11 books in the series and I am starting on No 1. But still. C.S. Harris’ What Angels Fear.


But no, it really isn’t that.

It’s just that today was a bleh kind of day. It was long, and I am tired, and I’ve not even cracked 1100 words – and of those I have written, I’ll keep about 700. Ugh.

So let me get this over with so that I can get back to those words.

What Attracts You In Love

Oh, let’s see. Sense of humor. Honor. Respect. Affection. Kindness. Intelligence.

Must love dogs. And cats. And little baby bats.

The beard helps, too.

Seriously, I love everything there is about my Husband. Everything.


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Twenty-Two

Oh my, isn’t this over yet? No. Of course not. And no, we are not anywhere near our personal goal of being done before Thanksgiving. Nope. Not even close.

and that’s OK.

Ya know why? Because I am here today to talk about my worst habits.

And perhaps my biggest, worst habit is allowing myself to fall victim to my own self-doubt, allowing the fears to slip in until I cannot even fathom completing whatever it is I was working on.

But let me tell you – this story has potential to be really good, and I refuse to let me talk me out of it…

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

Look at that. I am officially about to start the last leg of my ridiculous journey. And I’m doing fairly well, if I do say so myself. My official count is 34,809, which puts me approximately 1470 words over where I have to be to finish 50,000 by 30 November.

Of course, since we are going to Indiana to visit my step-mom for Thanksgiving, I want to be done by Wednesday, but I doubt I will be. But, I have ten days left and only 15,191 words left to write.

And I have a mess of a story, lol. I have two romances intertwined within this story, and I’ve neglected both of them. The good news is that, while my story itself will not be complete with just 50,000 words… there will be a story 🙂

So, anyway… And today’s question is: What Makes You Happy?

Oh, so many things. Writing makes me happy. My puppies and cats make me happy. Music… oh, music makes me so happy. But mostly, Chris.

Chris makes me happy.

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Sixteen

It’s like the blog challenge loves me today. 

Post a photo of yourself. 

Then I realized, I have over 500 photos on my phone, and very few of them are of me. And none of them are on my new laptop. 

So, I’ve moved to my phone for this post. 

Now, this photo is of me and my nephew, Andrew. It was taken just before the death of my father, and might possibly be the last photo taken of me. 

We smiled, but inside, we died. 

And then, here is one with me and my daddy. 


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Sixteen

Lordy, but I am struggling with this today. It’s just after 11 pm, and I’m five words short of my NaNoWriMo goal… and I still have this blog to do.

Ima get those words, even if they’re gibberish, never you worry about that. But first, let me just knock this one out for you, eh?

My thoughts on education…

Oh, Mother Morrigan. (Thanks, Susan, world’s best writing partner!)

Education is so important. It should be a fundamental right for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, but it seems to have become something reserved for only the wealthy, and that’s a damn shame.

Instead of teaching our youth to think, to question, to learn… we teach them to memorize, to test. We are allowing religious fundamentalism to worm it’s way into our education system. We are glorifying a past that out to shame us.

So what do I think about education? I think we are allowing the religious right to dumb down our education system, and I think it’s time we did something about it.

And after the events of the past few days, I am beyond the point where I care if this causes me to lose friends or potential readers. I’m just tired of it all.

Life is too short for all this hate I’m seeing in my Facebook news feed.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

Lord. I am at Hooters with people from work, for the Rousey match. People from my husband’s work, not mine. 

I gotta say, I don’t get paying for her fights. I mean, you’re plonking down how much money? And, for how many seconds?? No. 

My laptop died on me 😒. I wonder if I need to buy a second charge cord to keep at work? Although, I did sit at work and write for 2 hours, waiting for Chris to get off work. Maybe that’s what it was…

Ah well. Here is yesterday’s post. Enjoy!

And today, I will reveal 3 healthy habits… 

Listen folks, I am fat, lazy, and out of shape. But, let me try this… 

  1. I get my eight hours of sleep. 
  2. I do watch what I eat, limiting carbs, alcohol, and sugar. 
  3. I quit smoking. 

I would love to add that I go to the gym, but I lost the habit when I lost my father, and something is just keeping me from it. But, I am getting so tired lately. Maybe it’s time for a change. 

What are three of your healthy habits? 

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day twelve

Well, let’s not ruin tradition now… Head on over to Channillo to read yesterday’s post (And subscribe, and support a starving artist). Or, don’t. Seems to be having some problems. I’ll update the link if / when it starts working.

So, these questions are deceivingly simple. Deceiving because they are so hard to answer… Yesterday, I scrambled to find my ten favorite foods. Today, my favorite childhood book. And frankly, I don’t have just one. I have many series’ of books I call my favorite.

Nancy Drew, in all her incarnations, was a long time favorite. The Happy Hollisters, Trixie Belden… Oh, I loved them all. And the Borrowers. Let us not forget the Borrowers. I spent a lot of time at the library. A lot of happy time. 🙂

They all created within me a deep desire to read, one which has never diminished. And I cannot choose just one. Every book I read shaped my future, who I was to become, and therefore, they are all my favorite.

What about you? Can you narrow it down to just one?