Monthly Archives: November 2020

Happy Wednesday, readers

So many of my fellow writers have started their #NanoWriMo journey, and I wish them nothing but luck. By the end of today, you should have 6668 words if you’re participating.

I am not participating this year. I completed one year, and that’s about all I have in me. I mean, look how long it’s even been since I wrote… Some stuff – a lot of stuff – happened. And my life is finally back on track. Sort of. But with two jobs, a move in progress, three active dogs, and a new relationship… I don’t have the time.

But… I am working on writing prompts every day, with the goal of either being able to use them in my current project or being able to use them as background for the project. So far, I’ve only had one that wouldn’t fit. And I have been doing these writing prompts since 01 October.

Yes. You heard that right. I have a new project. I’m still in the planning stages right now, but I am writing again. And since it’s Wednesday, I wanted to share with you a little bit of it…

The sound of the flute whispered over her skin. Elodie stopped in her tracks, unable to get the lazy harmony out of her head. She spared a glance for the wisened gypsy playing a few yards away. There was something entirely too familiar about the figure, but she could not put her finger on it.

At her side, Adam shifted noisily. He gripped her elbow, and whispered in her ear, “this is no time to answer Silene’s call, brat. Let’s go.”

She blinked several times, shaking loose the tendrils that were snaking through her head. “The siren? In London? But wasn’t she -“

“Hush, brat. We have places to be, and we do not discuss the hidden in public.”