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As writers, we all have those lines or paragraphs that we are immensely proud of. Well, I have two such moments. A little background: this is a typical historical romance with instant attraction that is being fought every step of the way because of a Big Misunderstanding.Something happened between them (not romantic), and Duncan got hurt pretty bad. 

I actually wrote the scene where he got injured with them shifting into dragons – and his shift was violently ripped from him. That probably helps this make more sense. Fortunately (for the sake of my historical romance), those dragons hied off to parts unknown, so that whole bit has to be written over)….

Anyway, here is the first part – you can see the reference to dragons here. 

“You test my patience, Helena. I want to hate you. I really do.” Duncan said, running a hand through his dark hair.

Helena watched his movements through lowered lids. He grabbed up handfuls of sand, letting it sift through his fingers. But what?

When he did not continue, she asked. Her voice was quiet, barely audible above the crashing of the waves, her brow wrinkled. She could no longer handle the suspense or pain; loneliness pushed down upon her, the weight too heavy.

“How does one hate the sun, Princess?” He asked in way of a response. “It creeps slowly into your life, brightening your day, your world. Only once it has slipped away do you realize just how bright life was. How much better.”

Helena pushed herself up, looking Duncan directly in the eye. What, exactly was he telling her? “Do you forgive me for ripping the dragon from your soul?”

Duncan winced, pain clouding his eyes, “The sun burns when least expected, Princess.” Pausing to consider his next words, he said only, “I acknowledge it was not you, but rather the dragon.”

Next, several days later, they are overheard having the following conversation:

What is this Duncan?” The girl asked in hushed tones that barely carried to their hiding spot.

First names. They were intimate enough to use first names in public. Wait until she told Mama. The girl would be ruined. If she weren’t already, she corrected with a snort.

“It is the moon, Princess. You are the sun, so all I can do is hang the moon for you.” Duncan’s words whispered over Eloise’s skin, sending chills down her spine.



I am turning my eye to a new (for me) style of writing – literary fiction. Character driven, emotional… That’s really right up my alley, isn’t it?

I recently purchased the Emotional Thesaurus on Amazon for my Kindle App. I love it. I love trying to explore the emotional roller coaster that is the doomed marriage of Thomas and Celeste. And the thunderbolt of instant connections – did you catch that last week?

Last week, I teased at the passion that lies between them. It was interesting, fun. This week, I explored a completely different emotion: jealousy.

So, my weekly serials are going to change in a few ways, although hopefully only one. I am going to pick an emotion, and make that the theme behind each installment. That’s the one change I know will happen. The second? You can thank Doctor Who for this one. Because time is not linear, it’s entirely possibly that my future posts will be out of order. It all depends on the emotion that’s chosen.

Have one you want me to explore? Let me know…

Now, lest you think I do not pay attention to my own writing…

Here, Celeste and Thomas met Eleanor for the first time. Celeste immediately recognized Thomas’ interest in Eleanor. She even lamented that it was the end of her rather polite marriage?

But, was it really?

Yes, Thomas neglected to insist upon better treatment of her. Yes, her father-in-law despises her. But Celeste is strong; she demanded the respect she deserved – it was such a part of her that I never even felt the need to write about it. She’s a Traveller, a Beaker. She is disciplined, educated, and independent. As for the elderly Lord Blacke… The deed is done, and there’s nothing he can do about it, despite his threats.

None of that, however, will stop the lust that exists between them. Thomas and Celeste have so much chemistry, so much attraction for each other – and they won’t deny it.

With lust and chemistry, and two such strong individuals, jealousy is bound to happen. It is, as the saying goes, a thin line between love and hate.

Thomas recognizes his jealousy for exactly what it is: a primal reaction to others admiring that which he considers his. Even if he no longer wants this particular toy, he’ll be damned if anyone else can have it.

As for Eleanor’s role in all of this? Well, she’s just a prize that he lost. He doesn’t love her, but he loves the idea of her – of being the Elder, possessing the Dragon Bride as his own.

100 Years of Breed “Improvement”

Occasionally, I share things that are not related to my writing. This is one of them. Adopt from shelters, people. I hear such an uproar over genetic modification of our foods, but no one blinks an eye when it’s a dog. Shame.

Science and Dogs

Everyone is free to copy this – in whole or in part – and slap it on their website without telling me about it. All I ask is that the work is properly attributed.

 If you come across this work without it being attributed to me (in any language) it’s plagiarism. Please use the Feedback/Contact form to let me know.

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Alicia Norris: A Blog

I have been going back and forth with myself on writing this blog. One part of me wants to just leave it alone. The part of me that is passionate about abuse is winning and has once again prevailed.

Of course, this is about 50 Shades of Grey. I am going to state this. I believe in the right to free press, free speech, and all that jazz. I believe this book has a right to exist. I understand that people need to differentiate fantasy from reality. However, when abuse is romanticized and glorified in a way that it has been with this story, it is putting people in danger. Completely irresponsible.

Christian Grey. This man is using his abuse as a child as an excuse to abuse those around him. An excuse. That is all it is. He is fueled by his past to control his life. Which is…

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Romancing the Paranormal, Cover Reveal



Romancing the Paranormal

by Brandy L. Rivers,

Claudy Conn, Cynthia St. Aubin, Dakota Cassidy, D’Elen McClain, Gena D. Lutz, Julia Mills, Kym Grosso, Melanie James, Robyn Peterman, Stephanie Rowe, Teresa Gabelman, Victoria Danann

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

Genres: Paranormal, Romance


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13 BRAND NEW paranormal stories from your favorite USA

Today, New York Times, and Amazon Bestselling authors.

Passions ignite in 13 dangerously hot romances

Stephanie Rowe – Shadows of Darkness

Haunted by a tormented past that has come to reclaim him, a former assassin must choose between

saving the world, or protecting the one woman who can touch his heart and redeem his soul.

Robyn Peterman – Fashionably Hotter Than Hell

Book 5 of the Hot Damned Series

Victoria Danann – Konochur: Wolf Lover

In the middle of a war with dragon shifters, a human widow of a werewolf may get another chance at

love, but feelings of guilt threaten a blossoming attraction to the one wolf everyone thought was


Kym Grosso – Lost Embrace

Dominant vampire leader, Kade Issacson, is devastated when his fiancée, Sydney Willows, is nearly killed

by a demon and her transition into the supernatural tests the limits of their bond. Deep in the heart of

New Orleans, they struggle to keep her alive while searching for an escaped killer who promises to end

Sydney’s life once and for all.

Dakota Cassidy – What Not To Were

Claudy Conn – Harley-Awakening

Harley is a Hybrid that doesn’t want to serve revenge up cold. She wants to serve it up now and she

wants serve it up HOT.

Teresa Gabelman – Forbidden Hunger

A shifter without a pack, Janna Lawson goes in search of the man who her mother died trying to protect.

What she finds is Garrett Foster, a man who has the power to decide her fate and causes a hunger inside

her that is forbidden to them both.

Melanie James – Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation

When you run a shelter for paranormal creatures, you can’t afford to let your guard down. When

carefree—and quite naïve—witch Gertie O’Leary welcomes an enchanting new guest to the plantation,

she finds herself caught up in an ancient struggle. Marie Laveau and the gang will have to pull together

once again to save Gertie’s love life. Love, lust and laughs await on the Paranormal Plantation.

Gena D. Lutz – Sonnet Vale: Paranormal Hunter

Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance

encounter with a handsome stranger is about to change everything, teaching Sonnet what it’s like to be

hunted and possessed.

D’Elen McClain – Fang Chronicles: Tyboll

A grumpy bear shifter, a stubborn she-bear shifter, and more growls than a bear clan can possibly

handle. Will the two kill each other or discover they make the perfect mated pair?

Julia Mills – Her Dragon’s Heart

Jace MacQuaid, the youngest Dragon Guardsman since the original knights has just found his mate,

Melanie Whelan…the one the Universe made for him…the light of his soul. Of course, to claim her he

will have to fight a force so dark not even the oldest of dragon kin has the answers. Fate really stepped

in it this time.

Brandy L. Rivers – Seductive Solutions

When Toryn’s trusted friend begins failing, he’ll search for a way to free him of the destructive bond. Isa

might have a solution for Scotty’s problem, if Toryn can help her find the courage.

Cynthia St. Aubin – From Hell to Breakfast

He’s a supernatural bounty hunter with a broken heart and a loose zipper. She’s a succubus with a smart

mouth and a long rap sheet. When her crimes become his problem, they’re in for one hell of a ride.

Here’s a list of all 13 paranormal anthology authors and where to find


1. Stephanie Rowe – Facebook

2. Robyn Peterman- Facebook / Twitter

3. Victoria Danann – Facebook / Twitter

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5. Dakota Cassidy – Facebook / Twitter

6. Claudy Conn – Facebook / Twitter

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9. Gena D. Lutz – Facebook / Twitter

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12. Brandy L. Rivers  – Facebook / Twitter

13. Cynthia St. Aubin – Facebook / Twitter

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Thomas stood in the shadows, furtively watching his beautiful wife laugh at something her partner said. Bitterness swept through him, building with each new partner escorting her to the floor.

As Baldwin swept his wife from the crowded marble floor, he knew his father had been right. The urge to issue a challenge took over; one foot in front of the other, firsts clenched at his side. Swearing under his breath, he caught himself, and quickly moved back into the shadows.

Sweeping his gaze across the mirror lined hall, Thomas quickly found the source of his irritation. Nestled into an open alcove, Lady Harley relaxed on a blue settee, Lord Collins at her side. Not once had the girl looked in his direction. No, her attention was all for Collins.

A growl sounded in the back of his throat, revealing his hiding spot to a gaggle of wives nearby. Renalta Pourchard, wife of his man of business and inveterate gossip, followed his gaze. A knowing smile creased her drawn face. No doubt the information was being filed away to be better used at a later date.

“So, this is where you’ve been skulking, boy.” His father waved a hand, dismissing the young servant who had been wheeling him about. “I would know that rumble anywhere, son.”

“Hello, father. Don’t you have some hapless servant to terrorize?” Thomas smirked into his father’s sightless face, relishing the ability to do so.

“Insolent young pup,” Lord Blacke said. “Why are you hiding in the shadows while that doxy you call a wife flirts with every man present?”

Damn her. Who else had noticed her loose behavior as she flitted about the marble floor, smiling and laughing as if she had not a care in the world. How had his father…

“Who told you such nonsense?” Damn it, why did he even care what Celeste did?

“That harpy, Mrs. Pourchard, of course. Nosy woman. Watch out for her, son.” Concern pushed away censure. Disappointed as he was, Lord Blacke wanted only the best for his only child.

Thomas pushed his father’s large sedan chair from the alcove, making his way to the punch table. The gaggle of wives moved to allow them through, knowing looks on each face.

“No unpleasantries this night, father. We live to serve the new Elder, do we not? He honors us with his presence, as we honor his nuptials with this celebration.”

“How diplomatic, Pennbrooke.” The Earl of Dalrymple stepped into view, a grin breaking the severe lines of his face. “If only you had shown the council such sense prior to the vote.”

“How remiss of me,” Thomas answered drolly. Dalrymple could always be counted on for a laugh.


Later That Night

Thomas slipped through the door joining his room to Celeste’s. His bare feet made no noise on the smooth stone floor, yet she met his gaze once again in the mirror.

“Thomas.” His name was a sigh on her soft lips, slipping into his heart. He rejoiced that it was his name, not Baldwin’s, being whispered seductively.

His chest burned; spots clouded his vision. He suddenly wished harm upon Baldwin. His closest friend since boyhood, and a woman – no, two women – would finally come between them.

The candles burned low, flame throwing shadows across the corners of the room. The glow highlighted Celeste’s rich, chestnut curls as she slowly pulled pins from her hair. “Did you come to help me undress, husband?”

Pushing aside his feelings of inadequacy, Thomas came to stand behind his wife. “Of course I have, wife. Tell me, how did you find the evening?”

Celeste held his gaze in the mirror. Was that guilt he saw shining in her eyes? Teeth clenched, he started jerking the pins out of her hair.

Reaching up to stop him, Celeste winced. Quickly covering it with a laugh, she said, “Are you in such a hurry to bed me that you will tear out my hair, husband?”

Thomas growled in response. Celeste smiled. Hurriedly, she pulled free the last few pins, letting her long hair tumble loosely down her back.

Standing, she pulled the curls over her shoulder and said, “Please be careful, Thomas. I do rather like this dress.”

Remembering the appreciative looks of his friends, Thomas tore the gown from her slender body. Pulling her to face him, his lips met hers, fingers trailing to tease at the small of her back.

Burying his face in her hair, notes of hyacinth tickled his nose.

She wore nothing beneath the gown. The thought drove him mad as he directed her to the small chaise near the dressing table. Towering over her naked form, the large diamond pendant caught his eye, eliciting another growl.

She was his wife. His. Not theirs. Damn them all for trying to take her away.

An Opportunity For My Wonderful Followers…

I love the exploration of my weekly blog post. Characters are revealing things to me, rather than me just haphazardly assigning feelings and motivations. Today, I decided to see if anyone else wants in on the fun.

What do I mean?

Well, I am interested in starting a blog tour / round-robin style writing.

What I mean by this is that a group of bloggers will work in tandem to…

Either take turns posting a different short story of their creation, with the others reblogging the short story,


We could categorize the participating authors by genre, and have a new author in a genre writing a new scene or chapter each week,


We could challenge ourselves and write outside our genre.

For right now, it is up in the air as I add interested parties. The next step, of course, is to determine which of the above we want to work with. We will also need to determine which day works best for everyone.

If you are interested, please leave me a comment.