Laura Michaela Banse – Author

Laura Michaela Banse is an aspiring author living with her crazy family in the heart of the Midwest – central Illinois. Much like her reading tastes, her writing can be quite eclectic, refusing to fall under one specific genre or another. One common theme across this author’s universe is her love of the Midwest, which is why all her stories take place there.

Laura’s crazy family includes the love of her life, her husband of 8 years, a brother, a nephew, plus their combined 4 dogs and two cats. Yes, crazy. And fun.

Inspiration comes from the strangest things. The muse sticks out his evil little head at the worst moments: just as she is about to drift off to sleep, while driving down the road, or worse – while at work. And she would not change any of it.


2 thoughts on “Laura Michaela Banse – Author

  1. Sandra Carey Cody

    Hi Laura, I followed a link when I saw that you had liked my post on Birth of a Novel. I had to leave a comment and say when I saw that you’re from central Illinois. That’s where my roots are. I was born in St. Louis and grew up there and in the surrounding area. So … long story short … “hi” from another midwesternern.



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