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I’ve read several stories, historical romances, that include a quote at the beginning of each chapter and/or have the characters exchange them…

I am going to do this with my own current project, not because it’s popular but because it fits the direction my book is taking. Here’s my first line, which likely illustrates what I mean:

Since the precocious age of five, Fig Clarence had known a universal truth of her own: people in books are much more easily managed than those in real life.

Do you have a favorite quote? I’m going for period appropriate quotes, so 1813/1814. I’ve collected a few in my writer’s notebook, but I also get daily quotes through the Jane Austen app on my phone.

Now, this is not particularly relevant to the story I’m telling, but I’ll bet I can fit it in. If the timeline fits, of course. Being only an average Austenite, I like the books but cannot place them by publication date. Nor can I quote from them at will. Of course, I cannot quote anything at will. It’s not how my brain works.

It’s a beautiful Saturday, and I truly hope you enjo my it, wherever you are. As for me, I have a ton of homework to do.

And some quotes to find. Tell me, do you have any favorite quotes of your own? Ones that have slipped into your own works, or even influenced them?

Question Time

Boy, I’m really tired. OK. Not just a little tired. I am about cross-eyed I’m so tired. Ugh. But I had two questions I posted in my Writing Group today. So far, we have not come to any conclusive answer so I bring them to you.

1. Can you successfully blend First Person POV with Third Omniscient?
– See, I’m writing this Fairy Tale type serial now. And Fairy Tales have narrators. There I am, writing along, really getting the hang of this 3rd omni and BAM! my narrator starts talking in the first person. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot much? But so far, it’s working. I think. We’ll see what everyone else thinks when this episode is done.

Episode? What?

Yes. You heard me correctly. It’s a serial, remember? And that leads us right into our next question…

B. Can you break down the steps of the character arc into the episodes of a longer work?
– Don’t tell me you cannot because I’m sure as hell going to try. I’ve already identified the five steps, the basic action that must occur within each episode, plus the moral to be gleaned from the episode – and for shits and giggles, I’m adding at least one Fairy Tale trope to each episode.

I might be as mad as the White Queen, but I’m having fun. I really enjoy writing – it exorcises the angels, right?

Side note: My mind totally just wandered off for like 20 minutes, and I’ve no idea where I was going now that I’m back. So. Let me leave you with this, my favorite bit of today’s writing:

No matter the cost of the silk trappings, a cow is still a pig. No. That isn’t right. You cannot make a silk purse with a… oh, never mind. Lady Woolverton was gauche, and no amount of education since her elevation from tart to married tart would change that.

How Do You Feel About Your Own Writing?

Ooh. Tough question this week. Well, not really. I knew the answer immediately. Here is what I shared with my writing group:

Every day is a struggle to put pen to paper because no matter how many compliments I get, I think it’s garbage. (And this is not a fishing expedition. That’s seriously how I feel.) The thing is, it doesn’t matter how I feel – I have a story, and it has to come out. 

That’s the long and short of it. I struggle every single day to do a lot of things. Like almost everything else I struggle with, I continue to put pen to paper. I may never sell a single copy of my writing. Hell, I may never even attempt to. That hasn’t been my goal. I write because I must. And, because I enjoy it.

I know, I know. There are people who say you have to be talented to be a writer, that not everyone can do it. I call bullshit. Anyone can write. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be good. If you have the story in you, let it out.

If everyone around you puts you down or tells you to stop, come share it with me. I might be honest and tell you it sucks. I’ll tell you why it sucks, too. If I can, I’ll help you improve it like many have helped me. I mean, let me tell you – the things I wrote 20 years are ridiculous. If I weren’t a sentimental pack rat, I would throw them away. But when I started writing again last year… I’ve surrounded myself with people who not only care about me, but who are honest about my writing, and have helped me improve it.

Happy 3.14.15

It’s Saturday, which means it’s question of the week day. Here is the question we were asked, or rather – questions.

How much research does everybody do for their stories? Do you tend to write things that don’t require research? Or are you willing to write outside of your knowledge banks and spend some time researching? Where do you go to research?

How much research do I do? Well, that depends. I just spent 20 minutes using the Google and searching all my hundreds of ridiculous bookmarks. Why? Because I remember reading a term used in Regency and Victorian England that I thought might be more appropriate than “page boy” or “messenger boy”. Was my search fruitful? Well, yes and no. Yes, I found the term that was sitting on the tip of my tongue. No because it was not an appropriate fit. The term I was thinking of was “link boy”, which is the boy you hire to carry a torch, lighting your way in the dark. There are other times, of course, when I do a five minute search. I tend to do my research as I go rather than all at once prior to starting. Likely, this will get me into trouble one day.

Do I write things that don’t require research? Or are you willing to go outside of your knowledge banks and spend some time researching? I love the challenge of historical writing. I’m already planning a series set in the 20’s and 30’s – right here in Springfield, Illinois. As I already said I tend to research as I go along, and it will likely get me in trouble one day. Perhaps when the rough draft is done, I’ll take a month or two and really research. Better, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a History degree. Perhaps once I’ve finished my Accounting degree.

Where do I go to research? Well, I use the Google for quite a bit of research. Other historical romance author websites offer a wealth of information. And for certain things, even Wikipedia can be a good source. I’ve also invested in several books relative to the time period. And the library. Who doesn’t love the library? OH! And Pinterest has become a favorite place for clothing research. Don’t believe me? Go check out “Regency Era Clothing”. Wonderful!

Bad Habits

Saturday Question-of-the-Week:

What writer bad habits do you guys find you have to keep an eye out for in your writing? For example, are you prone to cliche, to accidentally head jumping, etc…?

I believe I have probably admitted this before, so this should come as no shock to you, but…

I seem to automatically write passive voice – it’s something I have actually been working on, rather than waiting for the 2nd draft.

Bad habits are so hard to break, aren’t they?

What about you? What is your writing bad habit?