30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 8 – Goals

Welcome back. First, if you’re just tuning in: I am participating in the 30 day blog challenge (my post subjects can be found in the picture accompanying this post), but I am doing so through two different blogs. You will find me here on WordPress on evenly numbered days, but over on Channillo on oddly numbered days. Yesterday’s post can be found here (or via any utterance of Channillo, like usual).

As suggested by the illustrious title above, today’s topic is goals. Specifically, five current goals. This is actually fairly simple –

  1. Win NaNoWriMo (for a change). Will my book be complete? Not likely. Will it be good? Not without extensive research and editing. But will I win? Heck yes, thank you very much.
  2. My Bachelor’s Degree. I mean, do you understand how excited I am to begin school again this January? Way excited! So, that is a current goal because I hope to be done within two years, and I believe current goals are defined as within five years. Could I be wrong? Sure, but who cares? I am going back to school.
  3. I recently applied for a new position with my current employer. Right now, I’m about the lowest of the low in my current department, and I love the job. But the Claims Payable Analyst job came open, and I want it. I am, after all, pursuing a BS in Accounting. Why work as a Medical Provider Network Access Assistant, which is not degree related if I can work toward my long-term goal of being an accountant?
  4. My own home – currently, the husband and I live with my brother. And it’s not always awesome. I want us to have our own place again. I have a plan to do this within 2 years. If I decide to stay in-state, that is. There’s also still the possibility of leaving the state. Either way, I am saving up.
  5. And finally, I aim to keep  on this LCHF way of life I joined because my clothing sizes are getting smaller, and I want to kick this stupid Diabetes in the butt.

So, those are my goals. What are yours?

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