My World

I realized while reading a tease from a friend’s upcoming novel that I was going to share something about the magick in my “very-slightly-alternate” England.

First, I wanted it to be natural… And as many have pointed out (including my husband), it has to be limited. If I created a magick that was all-powerful, how would my hero and heroine solve their own problems? Well, how will she solve the problems? It’s her journey, he’s just along for the ride.


What I’ve come up with is that it is, essentially, elemental magick – they can control the elements. For example, instead of suffering the near-darkness in a night-traveling carriage that a single candle would have created, Duncan is able to heighten the light so that they can see clearly. He is also able to take the heat of the flame and infuse his aura with it. This essentially protected him from the cold because in his rush to leave London, he forgot a coat.

Magick is not well-known or accepted in this world. The use of magick is not limited to the members of the Dragon Horde.

Back to the elements… All this magick kind of crept up on me. I had started the series with magick in mind, but it wasn’t going anywhere so I scrapped the first two “starts”… I was writing this with NO MAGIC, but Duncan said nope.

From the very beginning, this book has been called Midnight Garnets. Duncan’s family stone is the garnet, and a large stone hangs from the pocket watch he carries which identifies him as a member of the Horde…

After writing the scene where the magick first showed up, I found this site… Garnets are a fire stone. These things are uncanny at times, aren’t they?

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