Daily Archives: 8, January 2015

Happy Ever After…

Not all romances have a happy ending. Real life does not always allow for happy endings. As writers of romance, we strive to fill the world with love and happily ever afters. Our heroes and heroines are shaped by the happy ever afters of their parents – and they will accept no less for themselves, despite any social conventions or outside obstacles thrown in their path. 

Except when they aren’t, of course. e are often confronted by the cynical hero who scoffs at the very idea of happily ever after, or even love in general, especially as it relates to being faithful. They, too, are shaped by the tales of heir parents. 

Perhaps it was a loveless marriage. Or, his father was a brute who rained terror upon the members of his household. Perhaps one spouse cheated on the other because – well, cheaters cheat, no reason necessary. 

Yes, there are other reasons for our dashing hero to eschew the state of marital bliss – they have slept their way through the married women of the ton; their virginal fiance was caught being… not so virginal, etc… Those do not, however, address the happily ever afters of their parents. 

As an avid participant of several social media sites, I have seen an article or two addressing the lack of reality in romance and erotica. Well, I personally do not read to romance to find reality, but rather to escape it. Reading, and even writing romance, is an escape for me. We I keep a journal to escape our demons, to exorcise them. 

But perhaps delving into these very real unhappily ever afters can help us better define the reasoning behind the questionable action of our characters Will it allow us to explore, and therefore, understand their flaws? 

Or will it sour us on the character altogether? 

I am willing to take that chance, so I want to introduce to you my latest side-project: a serialized story. That of Lady Celeste Mannerly and Lord Thomas Hildebrand, Lord Blacke, the parents of Duncan Hildebrand Hughes, Marquis of Blacke.