What Is the Dragon Horde

Hey Murphy. Now that you’ve mentioned it, perhaps you can explain just what, exactly, the Dragon Horde is, eh?

Sure. Why not. 

The Dragon Horde is a rather large, but silent, organization that exists within England. They were created way, way back in the early 13th Century when the Eternal Forest came under attack. They exist only for two purposes: to protect the dragons that roam the Earth, and to protect the Eternal Forest. 

As said previously, they – and non Horde members – do have magick, but it is limited. 

There are five Houses within the Horde, each a match to an Element.
1. North, Earth
2. South, Fire
3. East, Air
4. West, Water
5. Spirit, All

I know that for some, it would make sense that the Spirit would head the Order, but it does not. One of the council members is a Duke, and the ducal estate will always head the House of Spirit. They were the first, perhaps they will be the last?

As a side note, be on the lookout for a new installment tomorrow. New discoveries.

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