OK, first I have to get this off my chest. Am I the only one stuck on the “old” posting stuff ? I don’t care if the new way is “faster”. I like the old one and I’m sticking with it. At least, as long as they will let me. I sure hope it isn’t like some forced Facebook changes.


I’ve hit a snag. If you’ve been paying attention to my ramblings, you know that I have outlined Scenes as opposed to Chapters. Several of the scenes have naturally fit themselves into chapters. Just looking at them, and it was obvious. One Scene jumped out as a stand-alone.

And now? This scene I just wrapped up doesn’t fit with any of the other scenes, although it is important (aren’t they all in our minds). Can I have two stand-alone scenes right next to each other?

What is your experience with this?

By the by, it is time to freshen up my blog. I have some categories to remove and what-not.

I know, my blogs are not long and rambling. Please excuse me if that offends.

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