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Hello again

So, I’m struggling to get back in the game of writing. School just kicked my ass, and it was only two semesters. I’ve had to take the semester off (Banse and I are moving), and frankly I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford to return. What’s more, I’m not certain I even want to return at this point – it was that stressful.

During that time, I moved away from romance for a while to work on a cozy mystery series that I’m working on. It’s a slow project because I don’t want it to be like others I’ve read (i.e. bad). While it simmers in the back of my brain, I return to another idea that has been simmering – a paranormal set in Victorian England.

I hadn’t intended it to be, but it quickly turned from straight paranormal to paranormal romance. It even connected itself with a series that I’m working on for my (eventual) return to Channillo. No spoilers on that yet, but I look forward to getting it out. I’m currently planning it as a 12-piece installment, with one new short story featured each month. I believe that I could use each installment piece as a starting point for a full length novel set in the same series – the short as an introduction to the characters of the full, as it were.

Of course, as we all know, I’m absolute shit with both planning/plotting and follow-through. Never you mind outlining, however loosely. And I wasn’t sure I’d have something to share with you this week so I thought I’d write about the possibilities of applying the Hero’s Journey to the romance, but damn it, Colleen Gleason already did it with this article.

Do you know what else she did? I mean, other than writing all those delicious books of hers? She inspired me, with that same article, to very loosely outline that paranormal romance I’ve been mulling over. There’s some kinks to work out, of course, but I have the bare bones. That’s rather exciting for me.

So, here’s my plan for you: just a few posts a week while I get back in the swing of things. I’d love to tell you I have a specific plan, but those don’t work for me. Today, I’m sharing the name of my newest protagonist: Miss Jacqueline Dunhurst, daughter of Victor Dunhurst, a filthy rich shipping baron with a questionable past.

I don’t have a picture of her yet, though I do have a good idea of her personality. I’ll be back to share a snippet soon.


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day twelve

Well, let’s not ruin tradition now… Head on over to Channillo to read yesterday’s post (And subscribe, and support a starving artist). Or, don’t. Seems to be having some problems. I’ll update the link if / when it starts working.

So, these questions are deceivingly simple. Deceiving because they are so hard to answer… Yesterday, I scrambled to find my ten favorite foods. Today, my favorite childhood book. And frankly, I don’t have just one. I have many series’ of books I call my favorite.

Nancy Drew, in all her incarnations, was a long time favorite. The Happy Hollisters, Trixie Belden… Oh, I loved them all. And the Borrowers. Let us not forget the Borrowers. I spent a lot of time at the library. A lot of happy time. 🙂

They all created within me a deep desire to read, one which has never diminished. And I cannot choose just one. Every book I read shaped my future, who I was to become, and therefore, they are all my favorite.

What about you? Can you narrow it down to just one?

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day Six

First, as is tradition, here is a link to yesterday’s Channillo post. Seems it was the perfeect segue into today’s topic: What do I fear…

Perhaps that same thing every writer – every human – fears. I fear failure. Like, it’s such a crippling fear that I won’t start things because if you don’t start, you can’t fail, right?

Yeah. That’s the logic in my head. You know, I’ve never been diagnosed with any mental issues beyond depression… but I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a bit of social anxiety, and just plain ANXIETY, in there as well. I don’t do well around other people, which is why i prefer social media. I love you, and I can interact with you… but only with this obstacle between us.

But yes, I fear failure. So, instead of focusing on the thing I fear, let me tell you what I am doing DESPITE that fear…

  1. I’m starting school in January to finish my degree.
  2. I am writing a gosh darned novel this month if it kills me or not. Well, I mean – sort of. I’m going to write until it’s done, and I’m determined to keep this pace as long as that is – or, at least until classes start! It’s going to be a jumbled mess, so I expect to spend a lot of time in the editing stage, but I’ll still have written it…
  3. And finally, I applied for a new position at work today.


Also, I totally wrote 2056 words tonight. Grand total? 10,815.

Challenge, Day Two – Facts

If you don’t follow me over on Channillo, you will have missed my announcement yesterday – National Novel Writing Month kicked off with a bang for me – 1857 words. I’ve set myself a daily goal of approximately 1700, so that was awesome.

But, I like challenges – I like to push myself. And to do this, I decided to also do a 30 day blog channel. But I’m not stupid enough to think I can do 1700 original words on my current novel (let’s not even talk about how I’m going to shut off my self-defeating internal editor who wants to write the same words over and over, ad nauseum) PLUS two blog posts a day.

What’s the answer? Well, I post to each blog on alternate days, obviously. Yesterday, it was Channillo, today I bless WordPress with my words. Curse? Dunno. Anyway…

Yesterday, I explained the name of my journal page on Channillo – you should check it out over there. Today, it is 20 facts about myself –

  1. I turned 40 on 28 October…
  2. Despite the diabetes that I cannot seem to control, I still only feel about 23.
  3. I love the grey/silver in my hair
  4. I’m still not over the death of my father
  5. I am terrified of failure
  6. I was accepted to Southern Illinois University, and start back in January
  7. I don’t like to talk about myself, so this is hard
  8. I love my job – and the company I work for 🙂
  9. I love my husband more each day.
  10. I don’t think she knows it, but I love my mom very much
  11. I don’t like zombies
  12. I love to read
  13. I am fairly certain my goals of writing are just pipe dreams
  14. I like to sleep in, but I look forward to starting a new day
  15. I am sick to death of people who say  we need to “get over” being offended by highly offensive things like rape culture, (making fun of) serious mental disorders, etc…
  16. I have a thing about my phone displaying any little numbers by my email or my settings (indicating an update available)
  17. Because of #16, the broken update for the Goodreads app might just send me over the edge.
  18. I have never read some of the “classics”
  19. I rarely watch movies. Name it, and it’s likely I’ve not seen it.
  20. I am addicted to gum. Cannot stop chewing it – although, definitely not as bad as Violet Beauregarde 🙂

And, that’s it. Since you stuck out through this absolutely ridiculous list, let me share with you a few lines from my NaNo novel…

Dusk settled over London. The day had been long, arduous. Those inclined to athletic endeavors still grumbled and groused over a painful loss to Australia. The scientific-minded marveled over Edison’s feat at Pearl Street Station in New York. And cursed his ingenuity.

Getting My Thoughts in Order

Have I mentioned before that I like to handwrite everything prior to typing it out? Yes, even these blog posts – I’m transcribing from my writing notebook right now, as a matter of fact. It allows me to gather my thoughts prior to sharing them with the world. Because if I don’t, I tend to wander aimlessly, including actually getting up and wandering away which results in a very confused Laura upon return to the keyboard…

Now, I am trying to break the habit when it comes to my actual writing so that I can reduce the number of things I carry with me. I bought a Samsung Tab A8 but it was too small and caused eye strain… So, I returned it and purchased a refurbished Nextbook Flexx 10. Both fit in my purse easily. And I liked both of them. In my personal opinion, the Flexx far surpassed the Samsung, especially with the Windows 8. Unfortunately, it stopped working after less than a week, and will be returned on Monday. I’m not sure what I’ll get next, but for now it’s back to the writing notebook and my Lamy Fountain Pen.

And let’s be honest – free writing by hand is a great tool when the brain stalls. Or even when you’re just trying to figure something out. As I said, that is especially true for the blog. Even if I do not stick to the script verbatim, it’s a rather lovely guide.

So, I know I’ve talked recently about the stuff I am publishing over on Channillo.com. Well, I have two whole subscribers now, which is exciting. And terrifying. Because what if I disappoint them? And if I’m being honest with myself, I admit that I will disappoint eventually. The site is still relatively new, but I hope to grow with it.

I have also been developing a new idea to open another channel for subscriptions through Channillo. One which might widen my audience as it would be short stories featuring vignettes of the lives of my characters. I am not rushing this new channel – I want to build up an arsenal of shorts that are polished before I even apply for it. That gives me some wiggle room.

By the way, if you do not subscribe to the Bluestocking Belle’s, you should. I will be guest-hosting the blog 23 December, so come check me out. I am still tossing around the ideas for that adventure, but I know it will be Christmas related.

So tell me – what are you working on right now? Are you following me on Twitter yet? @BeautifulSadist. I tweet frequently, but almost exclusively about writing. I’m boring!