I’ve read several stories, historical romances, that include a quote at the beginning of each chapter and/or have the characters exchange them…

I am going to do this with my own current project, not because it’s popular but because it fits the direction my book is taking. Here’s my first line, which likely illustrates what I mean:

Since the precocious age of five, Fig Clarence had known a universal truth of her own: people in books are much more easily managed than those in real life.

Do you have a favorite quote? I’m going for period appropriate quotes, so 1813/1814. I’ve collected a few in my writer’s notebook, but I also get daily quotes through the Jane Austen app on my phone.

Now, this is not particularly relevant to the story I’m telling, but I’ll bet I can fit it in. If the timeline fits, of course. Being only an average Austenite, I like the books but cannot place them by publication date. Nor can I quote from them at will. Of course, I cannot quote anything at will. It’s not how my brain works.

It’s a beautiful Saturday, and I truly hope you enjo my it, wherever you are. As for me, I have a ton of homework to do.

And some quotes to find. Tell me, do you have any favorite quotes of your own? Ones that have slipped into your own works, or even influenced them?

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