30 Day Blog Challenge – Day Twenty-Four

Oh, I don’t know what happened. It’s day 24, and I’m slightly ahead of the curve… and I lost ALL will to write. *sigh*

It isn’t even that I got my new book today, which I cannot wait to read. Book Club 09 December so I’m gonna start it 01 December. I’m way behind, clearly as there are already 11 books in the series and I am starting on No 1. But still. C.S. Harris’ What Angels Fear.


But no, it really isn’t that.

It’s just that today was a bleh kind of day. It was long, and I am tired, and I’ve not even cracked 1100 words – and of those I have written, I’ll keep about 700. Ugh.

So let me get this over with so that I can get back to those words.

What Attracts You In Love

Oh, let’s see. Sense of humor. Honor. Respect. Affection. Kindness. Intelligence.

Must love dogs. And cats. And little baby bats.

The beard helps, too.

Seriously, I love everything there is about my Husband. Everything.

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