30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

Lord. I am at Hooters with people from work, for the Rousey match. People from my husband’s work, not mine. 

I gotta say, I don’t get paying for her fights. I mean, you’re plonking down how much money? And, for how many seconds?? No. 

My laptop died on me 😒. I wonder if I need to buy a second charge cord to keep at work? Although, I did sit at work and write for 2 hours, waiting for Chris to get off work. Maybe that’s what it was…

Ah well. Here is yesterday’s post. Enjoy!

And today, I will reveal 3 healthy habits… 

Listen folks, I am fat, lazy, and out of shape. But, let me try this… 

  1. I get my eight hours of sleep. 
  2. I do watch what I eat, limiting carbs, alcohol, and sugar. 
  3. I quit smoking. 

I would love to add that I go to the gym, but I lost the habit when I lost my father, and something is just keeping me from it. But, I am getting so tired lately. Maybe it’s time for a change. 

What are three of your healthy habits? 

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