30 Day Blog Challenge, Day Six

First, as is tradition, here is a link to yesterday’s Channillo post. Seems it was the perfeect segue into today’s topic: What do I fear…

Perhaps that same thing every writer – every human – fears. I fear failure. Like, it’s such a crippling fear that I won’t start things because if you don’t start, you can’t fail, right?

Yeah. That’s the logic in my head. You know, I’ve never been diagnosed with any mental issues beyond depression… but I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a bit of social anxiety, and just plain ANXIETY, in there as well. I don’t do well around other people, which is why i prefer social media. I love you, and I can interact with you… but only with this obstacle between us.

But yes, I fear failure. So, instead of focusing on the thing I fear, let me tell you what I am doing DESPITE that fear…

  1. I’m starting school in January to finish my degree.
  2. I am writing a gosh darned novel this month if it kills me or not. Well, I mean – sort of. I’m going to write until it’s done, and I’m determined to keep this pace as long as that is – or, at least until classes start! It’s going to be a jumbled mess, so I expect to spend a lot of time in the editing stage, but I’ll still have written it…
  3. And finally, I applied for a new position at work today.


Also, I totally wrote 2056 words tonight. Grand total? 10,815.

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