30 Day Blog Challenge, Day Four

First, let me apologize for not sharing the link to my Channillo account for the Day Three blog post – I didn’t get home until about 9:00 PM, and I didn’t make my NaNoWriMo word count, although my average is still doing well 😉

But that did mean I scraped together a short post about the topic – my favorite quote – and shoved it out there, without linking back for you. Today, I am a little better prepared, so you can find out what my current favorite quote is. It changes. Doesn’t yours?

And it’s funny – that constant flow through quotes actually works us right into today’s topic: Dream Job.

Because, let us be honest among friends if nowhere else in our lives, how many of us hold the same idea of a dream job in our heads now that we did at age five, 8, ten… dare I say even 17?

My “dream job” didn’t change too much over the span of my young life – at least not that I recall. I wanted to be a lawyer and a mom… then, I wanted to be a housewife/stay at home mother. Well, the fates laughed at both of those. Not only am I really not smart enough to be a lawyer, I am not capable of having kids (or so my previous years would indicate).

Around 16 or 17, I actually landed on the idea of following in my father’s footsteps, perhaps even hanging out my shingle with him – as an accountant. But, life got in the way – I wasn’t ready for secondary school after graduating high school. And I mean that honestly – I did attempt it, and I just wasn’t ready – not emotionally or mentally.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I revisited college. And, I worked my but off to achieve my Associate’s Degree. Unfortunately, I needed a break, and in 2011 I dropped all courses. I start back in January, though.

But my father and I will never share an office – we will never hang a shingle with our names on it…

And even though I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Accounting, can I be honest with myself and say it is my actual dream job?

No. I cannot. Because I, like many of you, want to be a writer. And I know it isn’t all fun – there’s countless hours of research, even though someone, somewhere is still going to insist you didn’t research anything, you godless heathen… There’s planning, plotting, outlining… et cetera’ing… Edits upon edits…

Never you mind the brain-numbing thought that goes into choosing Indie v Traditional publishing. Cover art, to prequel or not…

Writing isn’t a picnic… But it is in your soul, in your blood. And that, my darlings, is my dream job.

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