Getting My Thoughts in Order

Have I mentioned before that I like to handwrite everything prior to typing it out? Yes, even these blog posts – I’m transcribing from my writing notebook right now, as a matter of fact. It allows me to gather my thoughts prior to sharing them with the world. Because if I don’t, I tend to wander aimlessly, including actually getting up and wandering away which results in a very confused Laura upon return to the keyboard…

Now, I am trying to break the habit when it comes to my actual writing so that I can reduce the number of things I carry with me. I bought a Samsung Tab A8 but it was too small and caused eye strain… So, I returned it and purchased a refurbished Nextbook Flexx 10. Both fit in my purse easily. And I liked both of them. In my personal opinion, the Flexx far surpassed the Samsung, especially with the Windows 8. Unfortunately, it stopped working after less than a week, and will be returned on Monday. I’m not sure what I’ll get next, but for now it’s back to the writing notebook and my Lamy Fountain Pen.

And let’s be honest – free writing by hand is a great tool when the brain stalls. Or even when you’re just trying to figure something out. As I said, that is especially true for the blog. Even if I do not stick to the script verbatim, it’s a rather lovely guide.

So, I know I’ve talked recently about the stuff I am publishing over on Well, I have two whole subscribers now, which is exciting. And terrifying. Because what if I disappoint them? And if I’m being honest with myself, I admit that I will disappoint eventually. The site is still relatively new, but I hope to grow with it.

I have also been developing a new idea to open another channel for subscriptions through Channillo. One which might widen my audience as it would be short stories featuring vignettes of the lives of my characters. I am not rushing this new channel – I want to build up an arsenal of shorts that are polished before I even apply for it. That gives me some wiggle room.

By the way, if you do not subscribe to the Bluestocking Belle’s, you should. I will be guest-hosting the blog 23 December, so come check me out. I am still tossing around the ideas for that adventure, but I know it will be Christmas related.

So tell me – what are you working on right now? Are you following me on Twitter yet? @BeautifulSadist. I tweet frequently, but almost exclusively about writing. I’m boring!

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