Open Door…Insert Foot

Good news for a beautiful writer friend should be encouragement for us all. It certainly is for me. Congratulations!!

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These past few weeks have been exciting for me to say the least. After placing 5th in a short story contest on Eat Sleep Write–the first story contest I’ve ever placed in–I found myself taking my writing much more seriously. Suddenly, I realize I’m not an absolute failure and I might actually be good at writing.

A few days ago Chuck Wendig (whose blog is my favorite blog to follow) posted a challenge in which we were to create a character in 250 words. It didn’t matter how we did it…what method we approached it with. We just needed to be capable of pulling it off. And so I did.

Now, I have my own way of going about creating characters and building worlds. I hate outlines like nobody’s business. Instead, I write passages that give enough detail to show who a character is and what the world I’ve…

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