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The Captive by Grace Burrowes ***** 5 Roses from Lady Blue

A wonderful review for a wonderful Author. I look forward to adding this title to my TBR room.

Yes, room. You know you’re the same.

captive 3

The Duke of Mercia (Christian) was captured by the French, and against protocol, he was not treated as a nobleman, but was tortured and starved for several months. The only thing that keeps him going is the thought of revenge on his captors. He is eventually freed, and makes his way home, a shadow of his former self. He is scarred physically and mentally, he suffers nightmares, and he barely eats enough to stay alive. Christian also finds out that in his absence, his wife and young son have died.

Gilly is cousin to Christian’s late wife. She is widowed, and has been looking after Christian’s surviving child, Lucy, who has stopped speaking, and desperately needs her father. Gilly nervously approaches Christian, and tells him how much Lucy needs him, and urges him to return to his country home to be with her. Having only been free a short time…

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