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#8Sunday Number the One

I’m new to this… Welcome to my first #8Sunday post. I hope you enjoy. I’ll get better at this. Promise. 

Sun shone through the open curtains for the first time in weeks, illuminating her cousin’s golden curls. Her own hair was compared to the color of carrots once too often for her liking, but at least she could say the curls were all hers. The rays spread across the room, reflecting off the silver chafing dishes on the cherry-wood buffet. 

White lilies dotted the room, a stark contrast to the black oak dining table and green papered walls. Sarah drew in a calming breath, the spicy scent of the lilies tickling at the back of her throat. The letters had stopped four weeks prior, but not the flowers. None of it made sense to her. 

Her uncle did not bother to look away from the paper he read. He snapped the edges and said, “I cannot leave town just now, poppet. Perhaps in a few weeks?”