Daily Archives: 9, July 2015

Disappointment Abounds

So, my iPhone 5s broke today. Well, yesterday but I gave up hope in the early hours of the morning. It’s awesome, let me tell you. I sat my ass at work all day – no music, no Facebook or Twitter on my break. Worse, no texting with my beloved. Husband, that is.

It did not leave me feeling very warm and fuzzy, as you might imagine. But still, I persevered.

Over in my dark little corner of the writing world, the word chosen for Thesaurus Thursday was “zen”. Yes. really.

As in “Laura is decidedly not in a state of zen after not speaking to her husband all day.” The situation, however, will be ameliorated by the fact that it is a warranty issue, so I am not out the $100 deductible for an insurance claim.

That aside, I’ve always been rather lazy with writing $$ signs. I remember there being two vertical lines when I was a kid. How did I miss that even our keyboards only have one? Odd.

So, I started some research today. Not for the current project, but for one of the novels that will appear within this same series. About the scientific inventions of the early 19th century, clearly. I found a few sites that will provide some good starting points.

One of them states:

This is a list of inventors and discoverers (not necessarily Christians) who worked fundamentally from a biblical worldview
. . . with virtually no one who subscribed to an eastern, pantheist or animist worldview (to my knowledge).

Can this list be construed to imply that Europeans and Americans are more intelligent than other peoples on earth?
…Not at all! —That would be a ridiculous and repugnant notion.
—But it is the worldview (along with a measure of intellectual freedom) which makes all the difference.

A portion of the discoverers in the list subscribed to the Naturalist worldview, however, their view of nature by itself largely agrees with the biblical worldview.

Perhaps I am being simple here, but what this screams to me is not that the only notable discoveries were by Europeans and Americans, but rather that the writer of this article felt like only researching the Western world. That shows our own prejudices toward other cultures.

I’m not going to copy/paste here but just read this article on the history of science and technology in China.

Anyway, I stayed up way too late last night attempting to fix my phone. Y’all have a good night.