Proper Ladies Do Not Wager

At least, that is the lecture Aunt Margaret gave Sarah when she decided to finally thrust her into the whirl of the Season. I’ve put so much work into creating two flawed people with love to spare but I’m still struggling with planning the actual story. And that’s OK – I figure that just means I need more time to really discover Sarah and Stratford. We shall get there.

It is, of course, Tidbit Tuesday over in my Facebook group. Today, I put the attempted planning to the side and went back to that very beginning, to the hook. See, it all hinges on a wager between Barbara and Sarah. Barbara is a sweet young lady, but she is not cruel. And the original wager really made her seem cruel – if Sarah lost, she wanted Sarah to leave London forever. The wager, at its heart, is still the same. The stakes are the same. I’ve just changed how Barbara phrases it, really. I hope that it isn’t to easily guessed. But perhaps it shall be.

I did not get a lot written today, but there were actually words written. That’s exciting, right? Planning just really isn’t my forte. Every time I start a new project, I swear I’m going to plan it to DEATH, but nope. It just doesn’t happen. Kills the creativity, so to speak.

Now, it’s rather late, and I am rather tired so I give you my Tidbit for Tuesday. I hope you enjoy.

“Ten days, Cissy. ‘Tis all I need, and I wager he shall eat from the palm of an outstretched hand.”

The despised nickname grated over raw nerves, but Sarah Grace Patterson only said, “Hush now. A Proper Lady does not wager.”

At least, that is what Aunt Margaret had told her just the other day. According to that esteemed dragon, she could only hope to emulate the meanest of Proper Ladies, for she would never Measure Up.

Leaning closer, she lowered her voice to a whisper lest Lady Jersey or Countess Lieven hear. “Ten days to have whom eat from the palm, Barbara?”

Barbara shrugged one pale shoulder nonchalantly, as only she could. With an airy gesture to the crowded assembly room, she said, “Any one of them, of course. I believe a duke will do just fine for this wager, however.”

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