Daily Archives: 18, June 2015

Like Pulling Teeth

Or, perhaps a better comparison is pulling away bits of my soul. This newest book is taking its toll on me. I have a very vague idea of what happens at the beginning, and (because I write romance) I know there is a Happy Ever After (HEA). I do not, unfortunately, know the in-betweens. Or frankly, beyond the prologue. It’s killing me because I know this is an idea that works. I know there is a story, a happy ending for Sarah and Stratford.

I love the Regency period, and all that it entails. That is the only era in which this story can take place. They tell me that. And for once, it isn’t even the period giving me problems. I don’t know what’s going on with this.

One thing I do know is that I have shied away from mentions of the Napoleonic Wars that were such a big part of this era. Well, not this time. I have a hero who lost sight in one eye during battle. He injured his foot in another.

I am absolutely still in the discovery stage, but I think I’m getting there. Bits and pieces are revealing themselves as I write. YAY!

Anyway, whine session over. Tis Thursday over here in Nopelandia (yes, still a thing). That means Thesaurus Thursday. Today’s choices were lobotomy and ebullient. Since the former was not coined until the 1930s, I naturally went with ebullient.

Ignoring the ebullient laughter drifting from the dance floor, Sarah contemplated the bubbles of champagne as they tickled her throat.

It might even stay in the writing, lol. Short but sweet today, folks. Have a good night!