Daily Archives: 17, June 2015

Random Advice

i am working with embarrassment today. Here’s the advice at the end of this part of the Emotion Thesaurus. 

WRITER’S TIP: Be wary of showing emotion too readily through the act of crying. In real life, it takes a lot to reach a tearful state and so it should be the same for our characters.

That’s a good tip too. While I might be a Weeping Wilma (I cry when I laugh, which makes me laugh harder, lol) not everyone is. Even in our romances, we should be creating strong characters, not fragile flowers who cry to convey every. single. emotion. 

Stupid Tater Tots 

one of the companies my employer contracts with provided us lunch today. Monical’s Pizza. Which is awesome. One of the best chains around. 

And I can’t have any of it. Why? Because we fixed tater tots with dinner last night, and I ate too many. My fasting sugars were too high this morning. 

So, that’s awesome. No more tater tots. No pizza. 

Speaking of pizza, I do have a decent stand-in. In my nonstick pan, I melt cheese until crisp and top with pepperoni. I also like the meat crusts, but no one else in the house does. 

Low carb isn’t that bad. I promise.