Daily Archives: 4, June 2015

The Tinkerer’s Daughter

Today I finished The Tinkerer’s Daughter by Jamie Sedgwick. I am not sure if it is considered Steampunk by either the industry or the author, but that is where I found it on Amazon, so that is how I will classify it. This was my first full-length Steampunk, and I quite enjoyed it. I am definitely looking forward to the second.

Mr. Sedgwick created an entire world for this series rather than setting in an alternate Victorian England. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like that, but I honestly enjoyed it.
The Tinkerer’s Daughter is (apparently hard for me to type today) the story of Breeze, half Tal’mad, half human, and her struggle to find her place in her world. The humans and the Tal’mad have been fighting for millennia, with each side viciously hating the other. Breeze’s story is about more than just that war, however. Through Breeze, we learn that prejudices can be overcome, and that our first impressions are not always correct.

No spoilers from me, but I will be upfront – there are some problems with the story. When first we meet Breeze, she is 4 (and she acts it, too), but because of her mixed heritage, she appears older. Within months, she has matured into a teenager. Again, because of her mixed heritage. Because of that mixed heritage, she is Special. She can do things no one else can as she inherited all the strengths of each race, but none of the weaknesses. A total Mary Sue.

Do you have children? I believe this is actually supposed to be a Young Adult book, and the things I found troublesome would probably not bother kids out for a good read. And don’t let the problems fool you, it is a fun book.