Too much diversity?

I agree with this so much.

break the system

I’ve seen a lot of complaints and questions about books having “too much” diversity. This is usually when people see books with characters from several different nationalities (and only one or two white protagonists) or characters with several different identities (half-Black, Half-Japanese, blind, and bisexual). When many people look at these characters, they see what they describe as “too much diversity.” But is that really true? Can you actually have too much?

Here’s the thing: when you look at a character who you deem as “too diverse,” you’re erasing that identity. Because you might think half-Black, half-Japanese, blind, and bisexual is too much for a character, but the truth is people like that do exist. A real person exists who fulfills that identity, and you’re telling that person that they don’t deserve to be written about. You’re erasing identity and saying their story is too niche, so we shouldn’t…

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