Daily Archives: 16, May 2015

Question Time

Boy, I’m really tired. OK. Not just a little tired. I am about cross-eyed I’m so tired. Ugh. But I had two questions I posted in my Writing Group today. So far, we have not come to any conclusive answer so I bring them to you.

1. Can you successfully blend First Person POV with Third Omniscient?
– See, I’m writing this Fairy Tale type serial now. And Fairy Tales have narrators. There I am, writing along, really getting the hang of this 3rd omni and BAM! my narrator starts talking in the first person. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot much? But so far, it’s working. I think. We’ll see what everyone else thinks when this episode is done.

Episode? What?

Yes. You heard me correctly. It’s a serial, remember? And that leads us right into our next question…

B. Can you break down the steps of the character arc into the episodes of a longer work?
– Don’t tell me you cannot because I’m sure as hell going to try. I’ve already identified the five steps, the basic action that must occur within each episode, plus the moral to be gleaned from the episode – and for shits and giggles, I’m adding at least one Fairy Tale trope to each episode.

I might be as mad as the White Queen, but I’m having fun. I really enjoy writing – it exorcises the angels, right?

Side note: My mind totally just wandered off for like 20 minutes, and I’ve no idea where I was going now that I’m back. So. Let me leave you with this, my favorite bit of today’s writing:

No matter the cost of the silk trappings, a cow is still a pig. No. That isn’t right. You cannot make a silk purse with a… oh, never mind. Lady Woolverton was gauche, and no amount of education since her elevation from tart to married tart would change that.