Daily Archives: 14, May 2015

You guys! You guys!

Oi! Good news, guys.

The narrator. She revealed herself. I was, quite frankly, shocked. And I’m being completely serious here – I had no idea who the narrator was.

But see, it’s #ThesaurusThursday over in Writer Grouplandia. And, as usual, I was trying to force the words into my daily writing – into the story itself. And frankly, it just doesn’t work like that. So I stopped, gathered my thoughts and BAM, I had it.

Here you go:

From the sepulchral prison of my room, two levels below the basement kitchens, I had watched this one child grow from babe to woman. Could this be the invitation she desperately needed? Jubilation coursed hot through my veins. Of course it was the invitation – what else could it be?

All too soon, my Olivia would find herself a part of the glittering court, a favorite of the Blood Queen, that damnable usurper to my throne. With time, the Queen will realize what I have known all along – only Olivia is worthy of my throne.

And on the day she ascends that throne, surely I will know true joy.

Poor Victoria. She recognizes that elusive something in Olivia, though she knows not what it is. She uses her incredible magicks not to free herself but to unleash retribution. In her mind, Olivia will prevail because Olivia has to prevail. She never stops to think how Adaline will react to the threat of Olivia.

Or, perhaps she does know and no longer cares. Perhaps the Queen has gone mad after all.