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First time writers: Ready, Set, Bleed!

This is a wonderful bit of advice written by Anna Dobritt. Read it – let it sink in.

This writing life isn’t for the weak of heart, is it?

Anna Dobritt -- Author


First time writers: Ready, Set, Bleed!

The day has arrived, you tell yourself. This is the day I’m going to become an author! No more working at McDonald’s or that dead-end office job. I’ve got a best seller in my mind that will take the world by storm! So what do you do first?

Don’t give up your regular job unless you are able to afford it. If you have a spouse that earns a decent income and you’re working just to have something to do, talk it over with them. You may have a great story to tell, but wanting to rely on that one idea  to earn money is the quickest path to ruin. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a book. You will become annoyed, frustrated, and angry. Many times you will question your decision to become a writer. You will feel alone and…

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