Daily Archives: 5, May 2015

Happy Ever After

Oh boy. I am really out of practice with this whole posting every day thing. I’m tired, and need to get to bed soon and realized, I hadn’t posted yet. Then I realized – I hadn’t even thought about what I would write for the post. #Ugh.

Good news first, right? I wrote today. I’m not stressing if I don’t hit 500 words before I crash for the night because there were WORDS. Do you understand just how exciting that is for me? I feel like you should. We’re all artists here, correct?

So, it’s #TidbitTuesday here. I love this. I cannot copy/paste from my Kindle app so I will share with you something I wrote just today. It is not, as you might have though, a happy ever after. It is, in fact, the beginning of the end. This is a side project, one I have not yet shared from.


Kicking back the thick covers, Olivia swung bare feet to the stone floor. Her legs trembled as she stumbled to the long wall of windows. She pulled each shut until the room was once again shrouded in darkness.

Olivia sagged against the wall. The stone bit through her thin chemise, into the soft flesh of her back. The pain reinforced the reality of her situation. She was awake, and she could see. The girls of the Blood Court would have to accept her now. Her thoughts spun in a hundred different directions as she envisioned her new life.