Want Some Bad Advice?

No, I don’t really either.

First, my apologies for standing you up yesterday. Just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Second, my submission for Thesaurus Thursday:

Helena’s fingernails dug into the palms of her hands. The incident with the prince in Tuscany had been quickly hushed up. Everyone involved agreed to never speak of it again. Not meeting his eye, Helena fretted at the edge of her silk shawl.

Finally, here’s a bit of advice from my new book. First Draft in 30 Days by Karen S Wiesner:

If you’re writing a paranormal or horror novel, there’s less of a need to include personality traits or background information in your character sketch for the villain (who might be a vampire, demon, or some other creature that’s not human). Readers don’t have to understand a paranormal villain, because it’s often simply the embodiment of evil. Therefore the reader is rightfully expected to feel nothing for the villain except fear, revulsion, and possibly helpless intrigue.

I call bullshit. I don’t care if your villain is evil incarnate. If he or she is not fully developed, I won’t be interested. Especially if you’re writing vampire fiction. You know, those formerly human undead? Yeah. All those personality traits didn’t just disappear along with their pulse. Villains are not just some walking stereotype.

Want good advice on writing villains? Get it here. Or, here. Both are by the same Author, K.M. Weiland, but one is a guest post on another blog. My good friend really likes her writing advice, and frankly – I find myself turning to it more and more.

What do you think?

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