Daily Archives: 23, March 2015

Yellow Cake Batter Gelato

One of our local gas stations sells frozen yogurts and gelato under the name The Creamery. I mean it’s a Shell station. Perhaps you’ve seen them in your neck of the woods? This yellow cake batter gelato is just ridiculous. Yum.


I vacillate between blue and black ink the way I stoically refuse to adhere to one single style of hand writing. What fun is it to choose something then stick with it forever? At least, when it comes to ink color and handwriting style, that is?

I can stick with certain decisions – I chose one husband, and to him I shall cleave. Or some other such fustian nonsense that means I love my husband. For me, there is no other.

Not so for Thomas and Celeste. He is fixated on Esther as some sort of prize. She, of course, is mesmerized by Baldwin. Is it love? Infatuation?

I intended to write yesterday’s scene from the perspective of both Thomas and Celeste. In the end, I think only his was necessary. For some reason, Celeste hasn’t yet thrown in the towel. To this man, she intends to cleave.

Thomas though? Well, he’s pretty damn broken. Can she be far behind?

I know, I promised you some discussion of villains. Soon. Soon.