Daily Archives: 20, March 2015

The Snick of the Bolt

It’s #FirstLineFriday over here. Today, I am doing things different. Instead of spending hours (OK, minutes) agonizing over the perfect line, I went with the first thing that popped into my head.

Why? Well… This was an odd bit to write –  I had already created the end of the scene, which I discussed yesterday. I even had the start of the scene – a good 4 or 5 paragraphs. I didn’t need that perfect opening.

Instead, I needed that one sentence which would lead to the following sentences. One with which I could cleanly meld the beginning and end I already had. For a change, it wasn’t even hard. I reviewed the beginning and it just came to me:

“And why would Lord McGillicuddy, disgusting though he may be, follow you? Certainly not because you are acceptable company.” Duncan walked to the room’s small desk and picked up a stack of papers.

Not only did this one line lead me to a seamless integration of the beginning and the end, but it peeled back another layer of Duncan’s character. If I were to hop in the way back machine, I would see that in his original incarnation, Duncan worked for the Crown. That got lost somewhere along the way, but guess what? Found it!

I originally chose 1816 because it’s known as the Year With No Summer. I love the idea of a year long chill. But, if I want to keep it a truly historical romance, then I cannot ignore the effect Napoleon had on Britain.

Next, let’s talk villains…