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Not Safe For Work…

Today is Thesaurus Thursday. The word originally chosen is delve. When I whined and cried about there only being one, I was assigned the additional words of obsequious and apathy. I had already hand-written the scene I wanted to create, so working those last two in was a bit of a challenge. Or so I thought. When I started actually typing the notes up on my Chromebook, they actually seemed to just POP. I mean, I snuck them in almost immediately whereas I had thought to fight to place them within the text.

Helena took over the scene today, 100%. And certainly not in a polite way. She begged a favor of Duncan, and in return he demanded a kiss. Well, instead of objecting as I had envisioned, she took that kiss and ran with it.

Which leaves me with a conundrum: how much of my work do I share tonight? I’ve never written a scene like this – I was fully intending on writing a “sweet romance” which leaves out all the details. Helena clearly is not on board with this.

My boss wants to read this blog sometime. For that reason – and, I’m not sure how good the dirty bits are – I’m going to keep this PC. Here are the Thesaurus bits….

Before she could say no – before she could find the sense to even think no – she felt the heat of Duncan’s mouth upon hers.

With that one touch, all recriminations were forgotten. Her skin tingled in response to the caress of his long fingers, trailing softly down her neck. She leaned obsequiously into his muscular frame. Control of the situation was his, and she would follow where he led.

Her lips parted in response to the pressure of his tongue. For the second time, her knees weakened under her. One strong arm circled her back, steadying her before she could fall. Helena traced her fingers through Duncan’s inky locks. Warmth flooded her senses, settling into her stomach.

Hesitant to break the connection, Helena fought to control her racing heart. She knew she should be fighting him, denying the pleasure, adopting an apathetic demeanor. This was definitely not the done thing. Had she not read something about not permitting liberties in one of those etiquette books her father had sent the year before.

But what could a girl do when the liberties were so pleasant?

Now, that’s the beginning, where I wormed in obsequious and apathy. Here is the later bit where I used delve…

(HAHAHAHAHAHA, I totally just couldn’t find this passage. I was freaking out! I know I used delve,where the fornication did it go??”

Here it is!

Pleasure so intense it was almost painful swept through her. Grabbing Duncan’s hair, she pulled him down to her. His mouth covered hers, as if he would delve into her soul. Her cries of ecstasy were swallowed by his kisses.