Daily Archives: 18, March 2015

Kiss Me All over

It’s #1LineWed over on twitter, and Hump-Day Wednesday on Facebook.

I couldn’t find any really good inspirational Meme quotes to share, I concentrated on #1LineWed over on Twitter. I’m almost finished with the first shitty draft of my work-in-progress. Sort of. See, I was writing, writing, writing and then BAM! dragons. No surprise to you if you’ve been following along. And, typical dragon – one day they were there, one day they weren’t. And I didn’t want them in this particular story, anyway. Eventually, I will have dragons. Just not yet.

So, I was in Chapter 11 or so when the dragons disappeared. And I realized the novel needed restructured. It was OK, but could be BETTER. So, I did a restructure. And events occurring in Chapter 7 or 8 are now occurring in later chapters.

What does this mean? Well, it means that while I am almost to the end of my current work-in-progress, there are huge gaps from point A to point B.

And what does any of this mean for you? It means that I took a break from going forward with the book and started on the FIRST KISS scene. It isn’t complete as I work oddly – in order to get to the kiss, I had to start on the scene leading up to the kiss. And it’s good. At least, in my opinion.

Anyway. Here’s my #1LineWed submission:

Before she could say no – before she could find the sense to say no – she felt the heat of Duncan’s mouth upon hers.

No, it isn’t much. Yet. Remember, that’s just one line, and it’s subject to change at any time. My aim, have I told you, is to have the WHOLE first draft done by October 28. That’s my 40th. WOO!

How about you? Are you participating in the wonderful writing challenges available on Twitter? If not, you absolutely should.