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Happy 3.14.15

It’s Saturday, which means it’s question of the week day. Here is the question we were asked, or rather – questions.

How much research does everybody do for their stories? Do you tend to write things that don’t require research? Or are you willing to write outside of your knowledge banks and spend some time researching? Where do you go to research?

How much research do I do? Well, that depends. I just spent 20 minutes using the Google and searching all my hundreds of ridiculous bookmarks. Why? Because I remember reading a term used in Regency and Victorian England that I thought might be more appropriate than “page boy” or “messenger boy”. Was my search fruitful? Well, yes and no. Yes, I found the term that was sitting on the tip of my tongue. No because it was not an appropriate fit. The term I was thinking of was “link boy”, which is the boy you hire to carry a torch, lighting your way in the dark. There are other times, of course, when I do a five minute search. I tend to do my research as I go rather than all at once prior to starting. Likely, this will get me into trouble one day.

Do I write things that don’t require research? Or are you willing to go outside of your knowledge banks and spend some time researching? I love the challenge of historical writing. I’m already planning a series set in the 20’s and 30’s – right here in Springfield, Illinois. As I already said I tend to research as I go along, and it will likely get me in trouble one day. Perhaps when the rough draft is done, I’ll take a month or two and really research. Better, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a History degree. Perhaps once I’ve finished my Accounting degree.

Where do I go to research? Well, I use the Google for quite a bit of research. Other historical romance author websites offer a wealth of information. And for certain things, even Wikipedia can be a good source. I’ve also invested in several books relative to the time period. And the library. Who doesn’t love the library? OH! And Pinterest has become a favorite place for clothing research. Don’t believe me? Go check out “Regency Era Clothing”. Wonderful!

The Educated Eater

I can’t even add anything to this. Just had to share it today.

Fat Heffalump

Recently I was part of a conversation on Facebook about the concept of fat tax/junk food tax/whatever you want to call it.  The current food being demonised is sugar, and this particular conversation was about a proposed sugar tax in New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure that wherever you are has had something similar in the not too distant past.

A lot of the conversation centred on how taxing any particular food is over-intervention by the government, however it ended up in the territory of possible ways to get people to eat “healthier”.  As always, there’s a faint air of moralisation around even the most well meaning conversation about improving people’s general eating habits – the old binaries of fresh/processed, healthy/unhealthy, junk-fast/”real” are ever present, as though food is somehow either all good or all bad, which no food ever is.  Foods have varying levels of usefulness/nutrition/substance to every person. …

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