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Inspiration, perspiration… Whatever

Not feeling super awesome today, so I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote I found on Facebook. Do enjoy, please.


Also, this tidbit regarding critiquing that I stole (with permission) from one of my writing groups. Bo Radley whipped it up for us.

Here are some guidelines for when you are giving and receiving feedback.

1) Remember the object is to improve what is written.

2) Keep your comments addressed to the story at hand…NOT the author.

3) Be sure to point out what you enjoyed as well as the problems you found.

4) Remember, this is not YOUR piece, don’t try to rewrite it for the author. Suggest yes, rewrite, no.

5) If the person has serious technical issues, you might wish to point them out in the least abrasive fashion possible. (In some cases, it could be best to send the author a private message to avoid any embarrassment.)

6) We were all new writers at one time. For some, offering a story critique is akin to offering up a first born. Be aware there are easily bruised egos now and then.

7) If you need someone to say “Gee…this is really wonderful.” Give it to your mother. Writing is serious work and critiques can be invaluable.

8) When reviewing your critique, remember that there are different levels, and different tastes in all reading material….and a critique is simply one person’s opinion.

Panthea’s Promise

This poem is just breath taking. Please read, please share.

In the gaze of the other

credit: davidcord.com

A silence in the room drags your corpse, evaporated now,
and mixed with the sand, to my fingertips as gritty smog.
Though a tomb houses bones, the air contains your will.
I will sit, Aurelius, I will sit, wilted before that skeletal house.

When you cut your hair, upon my passing words, notes,
beards having been the shadow of fear and cloaking, you,
fully armored by chest and foot, arms akimbo, wooed me.
A simple heart, won by a penetrated, vulnerable nakedness.

No flattery taken, I am a simple fate, a lover of actions true,
yours, a silent tribute speaking legions in that one cutting.
You bared your face to me, showed me my own eyes’ gaze
mirrored in more than a thousand words piled high may bless.

I will sit, Aurelius, I will sit and wait in the earth, in my recluse,
and silk touch…

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Tidbits and Introductions

It’s Tidbit Tuesday over here in laura-land, which is totally real, and not at all made up. In any way what-so-ever. Swear.


Tidbit Tuesday, you say. Sounds fascinating? Tell you more? Why, of course I will.

Each Tuesday, several of my writer friends and I share a tidbit of our writing with each other in a private group. Then, I will share that barest of bits with you. Well, a tid more than the barest bits. I save the barest for #1LineWed and #FirstLineFriday over on Twitter.

Last week I shared a bit from my current work-in-progress. Today, I give you something from an upcoming work. One where Eloise finally Gets What Is Coming To Her, and Lissandra gets her very own Happy Ever After.


Lady Lissandra Phillips swallowed the lump welling up in her throat, and walked into her grandfather’s study. No, not her grandfather’s any longer. Lord Richard’s. The man Eloise had once planned to marry. She prayed this plan worked.

It had to.

“Ah, cousin Lissandra. Come in. Take a seat. I’ll be with you in a few moments.” The new duke waved a hand dismissively in her direction, never looking up from his stack of papers.

Thirty minutes later, Lissandra stood up, thankful for the patience four years of solitude have given her. Quietly, she walked to the wall of books, choosing one to read.

An hour later, she had read no further than page five, but Richard was finally done with his stack of papers.

“Tell me, cousin Lissandra – have you come to gloat over your new fortune?” Richard poured himself a drink, then walked over to sit across from Lissandra.

“Stop calling me cousin. Are we even actually related, Richard?” Lissandra set her book down, looking this stranger in the eye.

“Course not. Does it matter?”

It did. Her entire plan hinged on there being no actual relation between them.