I realized just the other day that my little experiment here is in danger of becoming Celeste’s story rather than the shared journey of Thomas and Celeste. Can’t have that, can we?

Thomas might come off as the bad guy, and likely, he is. This is, however, still his story too. Here you will see the beginning of his descent into madness.

Thomas is weak. His father alternately coddles and berates him. Treats him as incapable of forming his own thoughts. And it shows, too. At almost thirty, Thomas does nothing to run the estate – Lord Blacke hired Jefferson Pourchot instead of handing the reins over to his son. Thomas has zero say-so in the running of his home. The land is the purview of Lord Blacke and Mr. Pourchot, and the house belongs to Celeste.

A stronger man would have confronted his father, forced him to hand over control.  A strong man would have struck out on his own if necessary. Done anything to prove himself, even if only to himself.

Unfortunately for those involved, Thomas is not a strong man. Is he weak? Not necessarily. Is he lazy? Absolutely.

After all, why face disaster and failure when one can stay home, secure in the knowledge that someone else is in charge?

If you are really paying attention, I believe you can pick up on the three emotions Thomas encountered in yesterdays episode: jealousy, disgust, and adoration. The main focus was the adoration Thomas holds for Esther. He has become fixated on her – to the point of possession. That possessiveness has led to feelings of jealous toward any who come in contact with her. He has started comparing Celeste to Esther, and finding fault where none exist. He is disgusted by his wife’s pregnancy: at once thrilled with the life he created, and alternately, horrified that his best friend has fathered his heir, thanks to the slew of hatred his father constantly unleashes about Celeste.

It is a slippery slope, and he is standing on the precipice. How long before he falls?

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