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Read Whatever You Want

When the Twilight saga came out, I remember a huge uproar over how far from the standard vampire trope Ms. Meyer had deviated. Then, and now I say: who cares if you think it’s garbage, at least people are reading.

Even my objection to FSOG isn’t that people are reading, but rather that people a) romanticize the abuse, b) think it’s representative of the BDSM community, and c) think the writing is actually good.

Read whatever you want, don’t worry about the opinions of others.

Johnny Reads

One of the things people really like doing here on WordPress is recommending and/or asking for book recommendations. And then you have people like me (no, I’m not the only one) who do neither of these two things. No asking for reading recommendations and no taking them. But I think my group is lacking in the numbers department.

See, I don’t understand how come everyone who likes reading can’t just read whatever they want. Why does anyone care what somebody thinks of their reading habits? You think I do? Think I care at all what any other person thinks of what I’m currently reading? I don’t. Think I care at all what any other person thinks of the particular genres I enjoy reading? I don’t. Think I care at all what any other person is reading? I don’t. And I don’t understand why everyone else seems to believe otherwise.


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Sounds like a good story. I hope to be checking it out – you should too

Grady P Brown - Author

Here is the synopsis for my upcoming third volume, The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb:

“A year has passed since the Young Guardians defeated the demon Fanoxean.  Now they face their greatest challenge yet.  An ancient enemy finally emerges from the shadows and seeks to change the world in ways no one can imagine.  Secrets will be revealed and alliances will be formed as the Young Guardians confront their ultimate nemesis.”

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WritingInspiration We’re gonna free-write this post tonight. Over in Facebook land it’s Hump-Day Wednesday. Those facing a writer’s block get some inspiration from others. I’m not facing a wall right now – I attribute this to a) enjoying my story line and b) I write every single day.

The Writer’s Circle circulated this image earlier today – at least, I believe it was The Writer’s Circle.

Anyway…. I love this. It’s so inspirational to me because this is exactly how I feel about my writing. I’ve mentioned it before – I write for myself because if I wrote for someone else, it would be forced, fake. No thank you.

What about you? Why do you write?