Daily Archives: 3, March 2015

Tidbits and Advice…

I mentioned yesterday that I’m planning on starting blogging every day. I almost forgot today because it’s new. That, and I left work early with a massive headache. Ugh, headaches right? Now that I am feeling a little better, I thought I would get on here to announce the new blogging schedule:

1. Monday Musings – you should be familiar with this already. I talk about the random things, sum up where we are with the story of Thomas and Celeste. It’s my day to ramble, I suppose.
2. Tuesday Tidbits – here, I will share a teeny excerpt, likely something written that day. I’m going to try to keep it short, twenty lines or less. I do hope that you’ll read, enjoy – give some feedback.
3. Photography Wednesday – On Wednesdays, I am going to start sharing a picture and create a small scene – or something. Likely, this will bubble over from an awesome Facebook group I’m in.
4. Thesaurus Thursday – Again, this is a bubble over from that awesome Facebook group; We will be assigned a word from the thesaurus, and must work it ((naturally)) into our own writing. I encourage you to join me once you’ve learned the word of the day.
5. First Line Friday – Guaranteed to be a short one. It’s a bubble over from a group I used to belong to: Post the first line of a story. I changed it to the first  line of anything, be it a new story, a scene, a paragraph, a chapter – or even just the first line you’ve written for the day.
6. Question of the Day – My friend is going to give us a question. I’ll post the question here, along with my answer.
7. Serial Sundays – This, you should already be familiar with. I’ll post a new installment in the story of Thomas and Celeste.

I do hope you’ll follow along – and even steal one or more of these for your own blog. If you do, link back here so I know – and can read it on your blog!

So, without further ado, I give you the tidbit of the day:

A smile quickly replaced the glare. Eloise settled herself at the foot of Lissandra’s bed with a jubilous bounce. “I believe I have come up with the perfect solution. Mama agrees, of course.”

“What of Uncle Jefferson? Does he agree with whatever mad scheme you’ve devised?”

Eloise dismissed the question with a sneer. “Pfft. Mama says papa must not find out. He’s too soft, wants to marry us off to lessor sons with no titles. As if.”

A quiet life outside of society sounded just the thing to Lissandra. This society business wasn’t for her. Eloise had driven off the few girls willing to befriend her.

“Now listen, Lissy. The Lavenshire Masquerade tomorrow night is perfect for my plan. Masquerades are so wicked…”

Lissandra allowed Eloise’s voice to wash over her, listening as the perfect plan was crafted. 

And, I did promise some advice. This is from the Emotional Thesaurus I’ve spoken about before.

Make a list of the body parts you incorporate when expressing emotion. Are there ones you don’t use at all? Challenge yourself to come up with a unique cue by using one of these “missing” parts, and substitute it for a gesture that is overused.