Daily Archives: 2, March 2015

Busy, busy Laura

I made an announcement last week – that I will soon be starting a “round-robin” style blogging tour/program/thing. Have no fear, I am still working on this. I just want it to be well-defined before I, and the others, get started. I’ve created the Facebook Group where we will plan things out. If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know.

Part of my motivation is getting more active with my blog. You read me; you know I go through periods of inactivity. That isn’t any good for a writer. That’s why I started Serial Sunday in the first place. I love writing the story of Thomas and Celeste in serial format, by the way. I love the exploration of character, of emotion. I also love being able to just make it up as I go along.

I also want to increase exposure to new, upcoming authors. I have even started buying books by indie and/or self-published authors. These are the authors you will see me reviewing here on my blog. Will I stop supporting traditional publishers like Laurel K. Hamilton or Laura Childs? Absolutely not. I’m just going to focus more on the smaller writers to review.

My goal is to post something writing related every day of the week. Yes, every single day. All while working on my own personal writing, plus working 40 hours a week. I’m crazy. I know.

Each week, my serial is studying a new emotion. This week, I chose amusement. Why would amusement follow jealousy, you ask? Simply put – Celeste recognized the jealousy for what it was, and it amused her.

Then I started writing…

Yes, she was amused, but it was only a flash. No, Celeste was confused for most of the afternoon. Confused by her conflicting feelings for her husband and Lord Harley. Confused by the friendship growing between her husband and Esther Harley – and her indifference toward it. Finally, she is confused by her father-in-laws offer to buy her off. And let us not forget Baldwin’s last minute proposition.

How will she react?

This isn’t rock bottom. Nor is she faced with two impossible choices. But we’re getting there.