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As writers, we all have those lines or paragraphs that we are immensely proud of. Well, I have two such moments. A little background: this is a typical historical romance with instant attraction that is being fought every step of the way because of a Big Misunderstanding.Something happened between them (not romantic), and Duncan got hurt pretty bad. 

I actually wrote the scene where he got injured with them shifting into dragons – and his shift was violently ripped from him. That probably helps this make more sense. Fortunately (for the sake of my historical romance), those dragons hied off to parts unknown, so that whole bit has to be written over)….

Anyway, here is the first part – you can see the reference to dragons here. 

“You test my patience, Helena. I want to hate you. I really do.” Duncan said, running a hand through his dark hair.

Helena watched his movements through lowered lids. He grabbed up handfuls of sand, letting it sift through his fingers. But what?

When he did not continue, she asked. Her voice was quiet, barely audible above the crashing of the waves, her brow wrinkled. She could no longer handle the suspense or pain; loneliness pushed down upon her, the weight too heavy.

“How does one hate the sun, Princess?” He asked in way of a response. “It creeps slowly into your life, brightening your day, your world. Only once it has slipped away do you realize just how bright life was. How much better.”

Helena pushed herself up, looking Duncan directly in the eye. What, exactly was he telling her? “Do you forgive me for ripping the dragon from your soul?”

Duncan winced, pain clouding his eyes, “The sun burns when least expected, Princess.” Pausing to consider his next words, he said only, “I acknowledge it was not you, but rather the dragon.”

Next, several days later, they are overheard having the following conversation:

What is this Duncan?” The girl asked in hushed tones that barely carried to their hiding spot.

First names. They were intimate enough to use first names in public. Wait until she told Mama. The girl would be ruined. If she weren’t already, she corrected with a snort.

“It is the moon, Princess. You are the sun, so all I can do is hang the moon for you.” Duncan’s words whispered over Eloise’s skin, sending chills down her spine.