I am turning my eye to a new (for me) style of writing – literary fiction. Character driven, emotional… That’s really right up my alley, isn’t it?

I recently purchased the Emotional Thesaurus on Amazon for my Kindle App. I love it. I love trying to explore the emotional roller coaster that is the doomed marriage of Thomas and Celeste. And the thunderbolt of instant connections – did you catch that last week?

Last week, I teased at the passion that lies between them. It was interesting, fun. This week, I explored a completely different emotion: jealousy.

So, my weekly serials are going to change in a few ways, although hopefully only one. I am going to pick an emotion, and make that the theme behind each installment. That’s the one change I know will happen. The second? You can thank Doctor Who for this one. Because time is not linear, it’s entirely possibly that my future posts will be out of order. It all depends on the emotion that’s chosen.

Have one you want me to explore? Let me know…

Now, lest you think I do not pay attention to my own writing…

Here, Celeste and Thomas met Eleanor for the first time. Celeste immediately recognized Thomas’ interest in Eleanor. She even lamented that it was the end of her rather polite marriage?

But, was it really?

Yes, Thomas neglected to insist upon better treatment of her. Yes, her father-in-law despises her. But Celeste is strong; she demanded the respect she deserved – it was such a part of her that I never even felt the need to write about it. She’s a Traveller, a Beaker. She is disciplined, educated, and independent. As for the elderly Lord Blacke… The deed is done, and there’s nothing he can do about it, despite his threats.

None of that, however, will stop the lust that exists between them. Thomas and Celeste have so much chemistry, so much attraction for each other – and they won’t deny it.

With lust and chemistry, and two such strong individuals, jealousy is bound to happen. It is, as the saying goes, a thin line between love and hate.

Thomas recognizes his jealousy for exactly what it is: a primal reaction to others admiring that which he considers his. Even if he no longer wants this particular toy, he’ll be damned if anyone else can have it.

As for Eleanor’s role in all of this? Well, she’s just a prize that he lost. He doesn’t love her, but he loves the idea of her – of being the Elder, possessing the Dragon Bride as his own.

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