Baring my soul

Have I mentioned yet that there is zero planning going into the writing of my serial – that of Thomas and Celeste, I mean. If I have not, please let this serve as the Official Warning.

This story is raw, unedited. It basically goes: head, fingers, screen. No filter.

I have no idea where it’s headed, except for downhill. It’s all trial and error as I shape the world in which one of my characters is raised.

So yes, it will shift from past tense to present tense upon occasion. I will, most likely, use more passive wording than active.

Did you know that’s how I write anyway? Yep. My rough draft is littered with To Be verbs and a passive voice. Does this bother me? Not even an iota. For me, this is a learning process. Not to mention, I fully believe the rough draft should be a big pile of messiness. You’re pouring your heart onto paper, but you aren’t yet baring your soul to the world. To me, that’s the final product – a piece of your soul give life. With flesh of paper, and blood of ink. In a way, the rough draft is more intimate than the final draft.

So, thank you for joining me on this little journey of self-discovery. Please forgive the mess I will make of things. It’s just what I do.

The destiny of Thomas and Celeste is fully wrapped up in that of Baldwin and Evelyn, but that’s another story entirely. While you will see them  upon occasion, it will only be as they weave in and out of our story. For now.

The tapestry of life is magic, and I enjoy weaving it.

Do remember, feedback is not only welcome but desired.

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