This is not, as stated previously, a typical romance. There is no happy ever after for Celeste and Thomas, only the consequences of their actions. They made their bed, and now they have to sleep in it.

Thomas has been raised under the assumption that he will be the next Horde Elder, and with it, he will gain the Dragon Queen for bride. Instead, he has seen both the title and the bride handed to his closest friend, Baldwin Tosca, Lord Harley.

Enraged and embarrassed, Thomas flees to London. There to drown his misery in booze and women and gambling, he wakes up to find himself married to Celeste Mannerly, the most notorious dancer in all of England. Rumor has even placed her in the bed of the Mad King.

Celeste, of questionable birth and antecedents, knows she is being used to send a message, but she cares not. She has grown weary of the life of a courtesan, and wishes to escape to the anonymity of a quiet, country life. Boy, the things she doesn’t know about country life!

They vow to make theirs a happy marriage; one filled with friendship if not love. But Thomas can never forgive her for not being the Dragon Queen, and she cannot forgive him for the endless humiliations he heaps upon her.

So, there we are. Two adults who made a mistake in a time before quickie-divorces. And they are adults. He is almost thirty, she – well, a lady never tells.

This is not an outlined story, although I am going to try. This is, at its heart, an experiment; a way to discover more about my hero. I might add one for my heroine. Her back story is just as tragic, and even entwined with that of Duncan, her hero.


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