So, I took some time off writing to work on world-crafting and character development. I think it was a mistake. My story was lining up really well and the words were flowing; I was going places.

And now? Well, now I am getting more and more questions, with more and more deviation from my original plot thoughts. But as I said in a previous post, I am OK with this. In the end, I believe I will have a stronger story for all of this.

I believe it will be a stronger story because I feel like I am on the right track – I had some problems with the logistics of portions of my world-building. Now, several of those problems have been solved.

All the YAY!!! aside, it really feels like I’m starting over. And that, my friends, is one of the struggles. There is also the fact that I started walking at lunch, which greatly reduced my writing time. Struggle number two.

I always intend on writing longer posts, but I start them so late. I’m also tesing the whole co-promote thing. It doesn’t seem to work right from my Chromebook, so I hope it works right from the regular pc!

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