So this is where we are…

It just keeps happening. Fellow writers, tell me you’ve been there before: you have an idea, you have a vague outline, and you start writing only to find that your writing keeps changing, evolving…

I refuse to believe I am the only one this has happened to.

Why do I feel that it happened? Quite simply because I had a great concept that I ran with rather than taking months to plan it out. And I’m totally cool with the way things are going. It means I haven’t been stuck in the planning process, but have also been working on my writing. My talent isn’t growing stagnant while I prep. So yeah, I’m OK with that.

So here’s how it went. I was lying in bed last night and some questions about the male lead in my current work popped into my head. I used my handy new phone (got myself an iPhone 5s), pulled up a Google Docs…and noted them all down. And then I answered them. And, as usually happens, the more questions I answered, the more were raised.

Let’s be honest, asking and answering these questions is one of the first steps of writing. It’s all part of that ‘planning’ I mentioned. And I suck at it. When I sit down to set out those questions, I have none.

It’s not that I’m a ‘pantser’ over a ‘planner’, but rather that I, personally, need to combine them to be successful. Does this mean that I will occasionally be starting over or chucking large bits of my writing? Absolutely. Again, I am OK with this.

What I’ve written so far is really, really good. But I didn’t like the way the story was headed so I am refocusing on it. As my husband pointed out, I’m writing because I have to rather than because I’m selling it… I have time.

So where does that leave us? Not exactly back at point A. I have a foundation; the bones. What I’m looking at is how I can change the outline I already have to accommodate the new ideas. Not Point A, but Point A.5?

I’ll let you know how it goes… and yes, I will continue to share discarded materials.

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